The 2nd Annual Saturdays In The Spa Tournament

Welcome to the 2nd annual Saturdays In The Spa Tournament! First off, congrats to last year’s Season Long winner John Dzik! Last year we had 14 entries and I was still trying to figure everything out exactly, but this year we are back and better than ever.


– Each Saturday players select one horse in each race running at Saratoga as well as an alternate pick to be used in the event of any scratches

– $100 entry for the season


– Scoring is based on a $2 win and $2 place bet on your horse for each race 

– If your horse wins, you collect on both the Win and Place wagers. If your horse finishes in the Place position (2nd), you collect only on the Place wager.

– For example: if you select horse #1 at 1/1 odds and it wins, your payout would be $4 for the win bet and ~$3 for the show bet, totaling $7. However, if you select horse #2 who has 25/1 odds and it comes in 2nd, you’d receive a higher payout (score) than the person that selected the 1/1 winner. 

– All picks must be made prior to Race 1 each week.

– For more information on scoring, check out, which uses the same scoring method. 


– Weekly payouts will consist of roughly 40% of the prize pool and will be distributed evenly across the 8 week season, so each week’s winner will receive 5% of the total prize pool. 

– The season long payout is where the money is at. Scores from all the weeks combined are used here, payout scale as followed (based on the remaining 60% of the prize pool, also subject to change):

– 1st: 75%

– 2nd: 20%

– 3rd: 5%

-More details to come regarding payouts once we have an idea of the number of participants.


– Click here to enter the contest (form open now, 7/16)

– A Google form will be sent out to participants each week once Saturday’s Saratoga card is released. 

– When Race 1 goes off, picks lock and users are able to view others’ selections for the day. 

– Weekly/season long leaderboards will be updated. 

Season Long Leaderboard:

Weekly Leaderboard: